Videos – Backstage At The Little Shop Of Horrors – 1993

Back in 1993 produced ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ under the direction of Denny Corcoran. It was a huge success with many of the cast and crew going on to become a who’s who of Waterford Theatre for the next 20 years. This is a video of Davy Sutton running around backstage having a chat with everyone and some side footage from the show. It is worth a look for a couple of reasons – one being a look inside the old dressing rooms and facilities of the Theatre Royal before it was renovated.. the other being what happens during the hilarious moment when a local neighbourhood person with  a little bit too much to drink decides to interfere in an interview in old Flaggy Lane.. enjoy.

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  1. A great show & a fantastic effort by a generally inexperienced group of people at the time both on & off stage. Fantastic to be involved with them all & the late great Denny Corcoran providing such wonderful inspiration to all.

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