1977 – ACEC Tops Of The Town National Winning Show – AUDIO

In 1977 the ACEC walked to their 3rd national title in the 1970’s with a show that was famous for featuring an extract from ‘Evita’ a full year before it was actually produced on stage in the West End for the first time. The audio recording is 40 years old this year and it’s showing it’s age, but it is still enough to evoke a memory of a time.

There are 2 files here – one is the full recording featuring all of the show, music, comedy and all. The other is a shorter highlights from the show featuring the ‘Evita’ scene that includes the voices of Denny Corcoran, Paddy Galvin, Patsy Sheridan and Mary Molloy as Eva Peron. So – live from the Gaeity Theatre in Dublin – the 1977 Tops of the Town Final….


  1. Great memories. Of all our performances was on the committee from the mid sixties with the Late Great John Browne amongst others.

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