Click below for the National Final Programme from 1977 where ACEC took on Ferenka.
Here is the show programme for the 1974 Local Rounds meeting of ACEC and Goodbodys. Click below to have a
From 1970 here is the local rounds programme featuring Port & Docks and ACEC. To browse click below!
Here is a programme from the Tops local rounds, 1969. This time it's the turn of the ACEC vs Papermills.
Here is the programme from the 1971 National Final. This was the third time a Waterford group made the final
Here is the show programme from Jack Cunningham's 2022 production of 'Steel Magnolias'. Click below for a browse.
Here is the programme from The Bilberry Goats 2024 production of 'Is This It?'. Click on the Link below to
From the 1982 Raytex show here is Frank Coughlan leading the troops of young Children.
From the recent production of 'Beautiful' in Garter Lane here is the Show Programme. Presented by the David Hennessy Musical
Here is the brilliant 'Gun Song' from Stephen Sondheim's Assassins presented by Dat's De Y. This production was staged in