Showtime Season 2 – Episode 3 – Pentimenti

I was delighted to be given a copy of an old cassette recording of the launch of Stage Frights ‘Pentimenti’ in the Waterford Crystal Showrooms way back in 1998. It’s important to acknowledge and thank David Hennessy for this valuable recording he shared with us all. Joining me to talk about all things Pentimenti is a veteran of Bryan Flynn shows – Andrew Holden who was in the ensemble of Pentimenti way back then before going on to appear in ‘All-Star Wars’ and ‘Michael Collins’. It’s pure gold to have this recording and we had good fun talking about it after – enjoy.

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  1. Such memories and the saddest sense that it all is now Waterford history.
    Many of us were in a history book and didn’t really understand just how momentous it all was.
    I remember the rehearsals in Charlie’s @ Olympia Ballroom and formed friendships with Dublin based actors etc that have continued.
    I wasn’t in it but hung around as people did in those days.
    I even got to pen pieces for various Jewish publications, such was the international interest.
    I was in Waterford Glass showrooms for that ‘trailer’ and spent an hour if not more digging out the Pentimenti CD which I had stacked under opera. And it was. Rest easy Bryan who now lives on the wall in the Theatre Royal vestibule.

  2. TeresaJane OMahoney

    Pentimenti was truly and amazing experience. The months of rehearsals, the music, the cast and crew – it has a special place in my heart. The poster is framed on my sitting room wall next to Les Mis and my signed programme and CD safely stored. At the time I think we all knew we were taking part in something special but no one understood just how special it was. I’d love to see it on the stage again. Im proud to say I was part of History…

  3. Just beautiful. Thank you.

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