One Million Views Today!

Yep – One million people have viewed videos, listened to audio, browsed show programmes and looked at photos over the last 4 years. I always knew that a certain interest level would be there for the archive site and eventually it might clock up to a couple of hundred thousand – but here we are on a million views after a little under 4 years. A remarkable half million views have come in the last 14/15 months.

Add to that 250,000+ Live stream views in the last year. That in itself is fantastic and thank you for tuning in in your droves on Sunday Night. I’m very glad that the archive helped people in a small way over the last 15 months of chaos. Now the world is getting a little brighter again – finally!

Most of the views are Ireland and Irish based but there is also some ex-pats abroad that check in regularly to see what is popping up.

There’s a heap more stuff to share and as always a million different plans – most of which will never see the light of day – but for now a huge thanks to the contributors and the people who check in every few days to see themselves when they were 20 years younger (or more!). 

It’s become really apparent recently how important it is to continue to preserve all this material before it disappears into a recycling bin somewhere. It is amazing what a little community can achieve when it puts it’s mind to it with a little bit of work!

There’ll be a selection of content to mark the occasion up until Sunday… going back over some classics and favourites for the few days so keep your eyes open for gems (rare and unappreciated, and some best forgotten!).

Thanks everyone for helping reach that milestone.

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