30 Days of Panto day 19 – 10 Years of Photos

Photo by Colin Shanahan - DigiCol Photography & Media Productions (c) 2018 - http://www.digicolphotography.com -

As a little bonus today to take a break from videos we are looking at some photos from our productions since 2010. Why 2010? In 2010 we answered a phonecall from a local Waterford Photographer who wanted to try taking some photos of a Theatre show for his portfolio. That photographer was of course Colin Shanahan – and the rest is history. 10 years later he’s still here preserving our memories. What we love about Colins photos is that he not only captures the energy and excitement of Panto, but he also shows off 3 key areas of our show – the Lighting, the Set and the Costumes.

Have a browse – this is only a small selection of over 1500 photos…

Click Here For Gallery

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