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  1. Monday 09/08/21

    Its such a shame that the Tops of the town was dropped. During its tenure it provided opportunities
    for local talent to emerge and it creart a healthy competitive heart beat for the city. The proof of this
    was the scarcity of tickets that were likevgold dust.

    its a pity that those who motivated the event at the outset
    have not been replaced by a newer generation with enhansed motivation.

    The same could be said regarding the demise of the Waterford festival of light opera
    that was founded with reasonable success by much foresight all those years ago

    Government and locally elected representatives can be blamed for undermining
    Waterford city in some regards, however without local motivation creating a driving force
    the theatrical life of the city may never again reach the pinnacle experienced in the 1970/80s.

    The theatrical activities from 40 years ago are now the basis of the excellence posted by the Waterfordtheatrearchive. Is it likely that archives from this current period will be available in the future?
    Well done

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