WTA 067 – A Day In The Life of WIFLO

This wonderful video (thanks to Clodagh Power) tracks a day in the life of WIFLO when in 2005 the Derby Gilbert & Sullivan company under the direction of multi-award winning Andrew Nicklin allowed the cameras in to follow them during their festival visit. Credits go to Cian O’Carroll for editing and recording, Mary Roche & Kevin O’Carroll for the script and Des Manahan for the narration. Lovely to have this – enjoy! Added to the WIFLO archive here.

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  1. Nuala Kavanagh Toomey

    Brilliant.. thanks to Winnie Power
    Great to see some old friends

  2. Nuala Kavanagh Toomey

    I was very privileged to be one of the first programme sellers in the 1959 the first International Frstival of Light Opera.. to qualify for this your father had to be on the committee.. my dad the late CVK was a founder member of this wonderful festival..

  3. Such wonderful memories. It was so sad to see it gone. I enjoyed every night and lucky to have had a season ticket . The friends we made— just to mention George King who gave many years to the festival. He was on the visitor committee and loved every minute of it (including the golf) so sad it’s gone.

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