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Video – Gee Officer Krupke / Doo Wa Diddy – Flying Pigs Ball 1995

Todays video from ‘The Flying Pigs Ball’ – it is Do Wa Diddy and Officer Krupke featuring a young cast of superstars way back in 1995…

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WTA 082 – Gee Officer Krupke – The Flying Pigs Ball 1995

Here’s a few familiar faces taking part in ‘The Flying Pigs Ball’ – produced by Michael Grant to fill the void that the Tops of the Town left behind after it’s demise. This show was a variety show made up of comedy and musical scenes from previous Tops shows. This particular one was from 1985 and the Waterford Crystal show. …

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WTA 052 – Gee Officer Krupke – Waterford Crystal 1985 Tops

Back to 1985 and Gee Officer Krupke featuring Davy Sutton and a host of legends was one of the key scenes. It’s a bit dark – but it’s great – enjoy!

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