This is an oddity - it appears to be a variety show sponsored by the Tops sponsor - Dublin Dairies Read more
Way back to 1995 today and to the 'Flying Pigs Ball' from the Why Not production company. Loads of familiar Read more
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Produced by Des Manahan and Ron Burke here is a show programme from one of long forgotten old traditions of Read more
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The Heineken Variety Festival was organised as a welcome stop gap to fill the void in Waterford left by John Read more
The Mayors Variety Show took place in 1981 in aid of the Waterford Lions Club. For more click below. The Read more
Just like so many other places in Ireland and the world Waterford had a concert as part of its Millennium Read more
Several Variety shows were produced in the Theatre Royal by the Variety Club of Waterford over the years. See below Read more
From the 2010 Royal Variety Show here is Megan Cassidy, David Condon and Michelle Quilty leading an extract from 'Cabaret'. Read more
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Todays video from 'The Flying Pigs Ball' - it is Do Wa Diddy and Officer Krupke featuring a young cast Read more
Here is a lovely video from 'A Night For Billy' featuring the great Des Manahan and the equally great Vicki Read more
Tony Corcoran, Davy Sutton and MC Scol bring us Jedwards 'Under Pressure' from the 2010 Royal Variety Performance. Read more
Local talent on display in this video yet again - first up we have Brian 'The Mod' Kennedy leading Copacabana Read more
Yes folks it's Waterford in Your Pocket himself swinging the hips and blowing his trumpet in the 1988 Heineken variety Read more
Time for a bit of comedy to cheer us all up with the legendary Petey Graham. This is taken from Read more
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Here is the 'Peace Scene' from the 'Town and Country' Heineken Festival show staged in 1988 in the Theatre Royal Read more
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Here is s 'quickie' from the Town and Country Variety show from the Heineken festival! Read more
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