2019 – ‘The Red Iron’ launches a Fundit to help stage the show.

Very few people in Waterford haven’t heard of Jim Nolan, and don’t know about all he does for Theatre in Waterford. Shows like ‘The Gods are Angry’, ‘The Salvage Shop’, ‘Brighton’, ‘Dreamland’, ‘Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya’ and now ‘The Red Iron’ have all come from Jim’s pen. Countless other shows have benefited from his direction and his advice and help.

Now, under the moniker of the muchmissed ‘Red Kettle’ theatre company he has launched and successfully funded a fund-it along with his production committee to raise money to stage the show this November in Garter Lane Theatre.

There are all kinds of quirky rewards for funders – check it out and if you can donate – even a tenner will help. Donations are still open for a couple of weeks – check it out!

Click here for the Fundit page.

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