Some Tops Programmes, Photos and Reviews added 1985,1987,1989,1990

If you were in, or know somebody who was in the 1985 National Semifinal – Waterford Crystal vs Analog, the 1987 Local Rounds Tramore Parish vs Nokia, the 1989 National Quarter Final – Tramore Community Group vs St. Bridgets Credit Union Clara or the 1990 Local Final – Waterford Crystal vs Nokia then this update is for you. 4 show programmes, a couple of photos from 1987 and a review of the Tramore show from 1987 in local press. After this update you will find everything listed here in the Archive under ‘The Tops’. Thanks to Phil Healy and family for this material – plenty more to upload from Phil over the coming weeks.

1985 – National Semi Final – Waterford Crystal Vs Analog – Show Programme

1987 – Local Rounds – Tramore Parish Vs Nokia – Show Programme

1987 – Tramore Parish Show Review Press clipping

1987 – Tops Photo Gallery

1989 – National Quarter Final – Tramore Community Vs St. Bridgets Credit Union, Clara – Show Programme

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