The European Premier of ‘Fame’ took place in the Theatre Royal in the winter of 1992.  It was probably not the best show ever to grace the Theatre Royal stage, but if it achieved anything – it started another group of youngsters on the road to producing musical theatre. SpotlightContinue Reading

Godspell was the production of choice for Spotlight Productions (before they re-named to Premier Productions the following year). It was a riot of colour and energy, directed by Gary Power and Choreography by Michelle Condon. Here’s a short snippet from ‘We Beseech Thee’ – with a lot of young andContinue Reading

In 1995 Spotlight Productions became Premier Productions and produced the iconic ‘West Side Story’. At the time it had a who’s who of emerging young talent, many of whom still thread the boards. Directed by Gary Power and Choreographed by Michelle Condon. It had (and I stand to be corrected)Continue Reading