Its been a while since we had some photos and something from Panto – so way back to 2006 and Babes in The Woods in the Theatre Royal. Added to the Panto Archive here. 2006 – Babes In The Woods Gallery

Episode 12 visits the wonderful world of Panto with the ‘Ghost of Panto Past’ – Padraig O’Griofa and the ‘Ghost of Christmas Present’ – Anne Corcoran Brown. 33 years this year makes the Waterford Panto the longest continuously running family entertainment show in Waterford! 

A visit to Panto today and back to 2008 when Waterford Panto Society produced the only one of it’s 33 productions outside of the Theatre Royal – in ‘The Forum’. The Theatre was being renovated at the time. Here is the show programme for a look – Cinderella – theContinue Reading

A bit of Panto today and the programme from Waterford Panto Society’s production of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Added to the Panto archive here. 2000 – Sleeping Beauty – Show Programme

Time for some Panto. Back in 1988 Denny Corcoran wrote and directed the annual Panto – this time Robin Hood. Here is the show programme. Added to the Waterford Panto Society Archive here. 1988 – Robin Hood – Show Programme  

This is jumping back to 1967 and the older Waterford Pantomime Society and a production of ‘Cinderella’. Here is the Show Programme from that production featuring many familiar legendary names. Added to the pre-1985 Panto Archive here. 1967 – Cinderella Show Programme

Waterford’s longest running family entertainment, it started life back in 1985 when Padraig O’Griofa and Jimmy Kelly re-juvenated Panto in Waterford (which had existed prior to this in an ad-hoc manner). From the early days of Denny Corcoran to the multi-media spectacle that it is today, Waterford Panto has enjoyedContinue Reading