This was the year when Bryan Flynn brought his Waterford production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ into the festival with a host of local and national talent. Have a browse – it’s all in here with the full listings of the 2000 festival. Click below to have a read. 2000 –Continue Reading

In 2014 the cream of Waterford (and indeed the collective countrywide) talent gathered in the Theatre Royal for a special night in memory of the legendary Bryan Flynn. It was a wonderful night of variety. The show programme contains many memories and other articles that are of huge interest includingContinue Reading

Although most material here – 99% in fact – is totally Waterford based, I’m going to make the odd exception for something like ‘The All Star Wars’ which was created in part by our own Bryan Flynn and featured a large Waterford contingent. If you didn’t see All Star Wars,Continue Reading

Added today are two show programmes from ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ – one from 1999 – a Bryan Flynn production and one from 2005 – Flaggy Lane Juniors – 6 years apart, 2 very different productions. The one thing about the Wizard of Oz is it uses a lot ofContinue Reading

Today it’s a show brochure from Bryan Flynn Theatrix original production of Jesus Christ Superstar way back in 2000.  It’s a production that so many still remember fondly for a wide variety of reasons. 2000 – Jesus Christ Superstar – Show Programme