Here is the programme from Jim Nolans 1994 play ‘The Guernica Hotel’ , produced by Red Kettle in Garter Lane Theatre. Click below to peruse it. 1994 – The Guernica Hotel – Show Programme

Ahead of our exclusive screening of ‘The Red Iron’ , here is the Show Programme for the show for you to download and have for tomorrow night! Click below to get your copy ! The Red Iron – Show Programme

I’m again grateful to Jim O’Meara for passing on these vintage photos to me from Red Kettle (The Black Pool, The Shaughran & The Gods Are Angry Miss Kerr) and Arts For All – a predecessor to Red Kettle. Click the link below to peruse the gallery. Vintage Red KettleContinue Reading

In 1989 Red Kettle produced the Tennessee Williams masterpiece ‘The Glass Menagerie’ in Garter Lane under the direction of Barry Cassin. Here is the show programme for a browse. 1989 – The Glass Menagerie – Red Kettle – Show Programme.

Very few people in Waterford haven’t heard of Jim Nolan, and don’t know about all he does for Theatre in Waterford. Shows like ‘The Gods are Angry’, ‘The Salvage Shop’, ‘Brighton’, ‘Dreamland’, ‘Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya’ and now ‘The Red Iron’ have all come from Jim’s pen. Countless otherContinue Reading

Delighted to have this programme from the production of the Salvage Shop that played at our the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin in 1998. The Salvage Shop was written by local playwright Jim Nolan. The Show Programmes is below for your reading pleasure. 1998 – The Salvage Shop at the GaietyContinue Reading

In 1996 Red Kettle produced ‘The Stomping Ground’ which was a new play by Loughlin Deegan. The show brochure is below. 1996 – The Stomping Ground – Show Programme

1991 saw Red Kettle producing another Jim Nolan play – this time ‘Moonshine’. Jim Nolan plays are always red letter dates in Waterford Theatre history. Have a browse of the programme below. 1991 – Moonshine – Red Kettle – Show Programme  

1995 saw the wonderful Anna Manahan appear in Red Kettles production of Bernard Farrell’s ‘Happy Birthday Dear Alice’. Here is the show programme for a look. 1995 – Happy Birthday Dear Alice – Show Programme

Today’s show programme jumps back to 1995 and Donal O’Kelly’s one man play – Catalpha – The Movie that was produced by Red Kettle. 1995 – Catalpha – The Movie – Red Kettle

Back to 2000 today and Red Kettle presented ‘All in The Head’ in the Forum theatre – written by Liam Meagher and directed by Ben Hennessy. I wonder did it have similar themes to Disney’s ‘Inside Out’ 15 years before the animated movie hit the big screen? 2000 – RedContinue Reading

In 2000 Red Kettle paired the legendary Anna Manahan with the equally legendary Des Manahan along with a host of other national names with it’s Irish Premier of Brian Foster’s ‘A Miracle In Ballymore’.  Here is the show programme for your perusal. 2000 – A Miracle In Ballymore – ShowContinue Reading

In 1987 Red Kettle presented ‘Arms And the Man’ by George Bernard Shaw in the Theatre Royal. Here is the show programme with loads of reading in it with some articles by Ted O’Regan amongst others. 1987 – Arms And The Man – Show Programme

Nearly 30 years ago Red Kettle were on the boards of Garter Lane with ‘On The Razzle’, a show that Garter Lane produced again in later years  – and you can see the show programme for that one here. This production however had a stellar cast for its time. YouContinue Reading

Added today I have a programme from Red Kettle’s 1991 production of Brian Friel’s Translations. It played in Garter Lane in Waterford before embarking on a national tour. 1991 – Translations – Show Programme