Here is a classic Tops moment from the Tramore Tops of 1989  – but the video also includes a slide show of some legends of Tops from years gone by. This video was used first in the Bilberry Goats comedy show featuring the aforementioned slide show and finishing off withContinue Reading

Today it’s a show brochure from Bryan Flynn Theatrix original production of Jesus Christ Superstar way back in 2000.  It’s a production that so many still remember fondly for a wide variety of reasons. 2000 – Jesus Christ Superstar – Show Programme 

Today I have two classic De La Salle Programmes for you. 1987 – The Pyjama Game and 1988 – South Pacific. Enjoy! 1987 – The Pyjama Game 1988 – South Pacific

Today I’m delighted to add the video of the 1986 ‘Me and My Girl’ scene that featured in the national final. Waterford Crystal reached the televised final 2 years in succession – 1986 and 1987, both produced by Michael Grant and featuring huge musical scenes as their centrepiece. Have aContinue Reading

Just like so many other places in Ireland and the world Waterford had a concert as part of its Millennium celebrations. Waterford’s one was produced by Brian Merriman and featured so many Waterford singers, comedians, choirs and guest narrators you’ll have to read the programme yourself to keep track ofContinue Reading

In 1996 Stage Fright were doing ‘Chess’, Edmund Rice Choral and Musical Society were presenting ‘The Mikado’ and Tramore Combined Schools were performing the premier of ‘Whistle Down The Wind’. It was the most Waterford societies ever to appear competitively in the same festival. Have a look at the season brochureContinue Reading

Mondays seem to have become the ‘alternative’ video day – a bit of comedy.. a bit of everything. Delighted to share this Bilberry Goats video with their hilarious take on Irish Ballads – and its very close to the truth! 🙂

Adding to the archive of Tops material we have 3 vintage Tops programmes – the 1975 National Semi-final in Salthill between Waterford Banks and Finance and Sunbeam ltd, the 1980 local rounds between St. Paul’s (non competitive) and Waterford Crystal, and the 1974 local final between the ACEC and WaterfordContinue Reading

Todays update is a video put together by John Player towards the very end of the Tops competition in an attempt to encourage groups to enter.. feauturing adjudicators, Niall O’Flynn and others – but it also features Peter Doyle, who was at the time local tops co-ordinator and some footageContinue Reading

WDS – the longest running society in Waterford recently celebrated 80 years! What an achievement. I still don’t have a huge amount of their material, but here are 3 programmes. 1988 – Taking Steps, 1989 – The Factory Girls and 1998 – The Gods Are Angry Miss Kerr (That isContinue Reading

Some photographs added to the archive today –  from the 2011 Theatre Royal production of Jim Nolan’s ‘The Gods Are Angry Miss Kerr’. You can check out the Theatre Royal productions page here and click on the link below for the gallery. Enjoy! 2011 – The Gods Are Angry Miss KerrContinue Reading

I’m sure everyone expects some Panto stuff now and again, so I don’t feel too guilty since we are three weeks in 🙂 Found these last night – 2 from pre-Waterford Panto Society (1985) and one from Post 1985 for the new era. I had to laugh at the posterContinue Reading

Today we’re looking back to a video from 1992 to ‘The Mighty River Suir’ which flows into ‘Downtown’. The Port and Docks group featured ‘The Mighty River Suir’ in all of their shows, and this one was no exception. Soloist Martin O’Neill. Enjoy!

Stage Fright was the society that re-invigorated the theatre scene in Waterford in the early 90’s and brought to the fore the talents of a young Bryan Flynn.  Today I’m adding the programme from Chicago – one of Stage Fright’s groundbreaking productions. Enjoy! 1992 – Chicago – Show Programme 1993Continue Reading

Konor Halpin gives a great version of Enda Kenny as he visits Waterford to announce good news on the jobs front! From the Bilberry Goats 2014 show and starring Scol Grant, Brian Power, Dee Lanigan, Hazel Tebay and of course Konor Halpin.

Have a look at the national magazine published in 1983 by the national Tops organisers. There’s loads of Waterford photos from various years, pieces on Waterford Tops, articles from Tops people – and what I found most entertaining – articles by Musical Directors, Lighting Designers, Sound people, Directors, photographers –Continue Reading

Three programmes for you today from 1994 / 95 and 1996. So many people started out on their theatrical journey through the Youth Arts (or Drama as it was back then). Have a look and see if you’re one of them in these programmes! As always these programmes will beContinue Reading

4 New programmes for you today! So – if you were in 1983 ‘The Gypsy Baron’, 1985 ‘The Merry Widow’, 1990 ‘The Music Man’ or 1992 ‘Hello Dolly’ this update is for you… As always click below to see any of the programmes and I will be adding them toContinue Reading

This is quite a find – the original adjudication sheets from the Waterford Crystal tops show of 1979. The show was adjudicated on 3 separate occasions, and you can see each adjudication and marking there. Also included is the quarter-finalists of 1979 and their marking and also some rules pertainingContinue Reading

The Waterford International Festival of Light Opera or WIFLO as it was more affectionately known was one of the main reasons (the other being The Tops) that Waterford enjoyed a status of being the ‘Mecca’ of Musical Theatre for a considerable part of the last 40 years. From it’s earlyContinue Reading

Today’s update is from the Theatre Royal Variety Show. When it comes to keeping variety alive, Michael Grant and Padraig O’Griofa and the Variety Club of Waterford immediately spring to mind in recent years. When everybody else was doing big name musicals, the Variety Club were producing good old fashionedContinue Reading

The Really Youthful Theatre Group has a short albeit successful history. It was the direct predecessor of Flaggy Lane Juniors, and consequently Flaggy Lane Productions itself. Although only producing 3 shows it introduced so many youths to musical theatre. They are also one of the few groups to produce aContinue Reading

The Stage Fright Kidz was one of the original stage schools in Waterford. Set up by the multi-talented Bryan Flynn and Michelle Condon it was where many Waterford singers and dancers spent happy years during the mid to late 90’s. 1993 – The Stage Fright Kidz Christmas Variety show –Continue Reading