The Waterford Theatre Archive – an Introduction.

A long time ago (well about 4 years I think) there was a website called ‘Waterford Arts Online’ – and a lot was good, and a lot wasn’t good – and eventually it vanished into the ether and along with it all the archive material that existed then.

As one of Waterford’s Theatre Nerds I thought it was an awful pity that we don’t save all this material somewhere, and so this new site was born – and it’s taken forever to get here, but hopefully it’s worth the wait.

It’s not complete – how could it ever be complete? There is so much stuff out there that hasn’t been produced yet – so it will be ever expanding – and there is also so much stuff I don’t have, or haven’t got to yet. You see my background is in musical theatre and not really in drama… so I don’t have much drama material. I’m being upfront about that so people don’t think that I’m biased – I simply don’t have it – but I’m hoping that over time it will build up.

I’m say ‘Theatre’ archive, so its purely Theatre and Street Theatre, or theatrical performances – you won’t find other art forms. That would be too wide a net.

None of this material is mine – and as such if people feel that they want anything taken down drop a message. Similarly if anybody feels that their material needs to be credited drop a message I’m happy to do that too.

Most importantly if you have something that can contribute – please get in touch… I’ll scan, upload and return it to you. Everybody is welcome, and welcome to view – and most welcome to download and keep anything at all you see.

There will also be an accompanying Facebook page and Twitter – but no snapchat!!! Please like that if you’d like to stay in touch with everything.

So – its a collection of Programmes, photo’s, eventually press clippings, some videos, some audios – and anything else I can find. I hope everybody finds something they enjoy there…

Hope you enjoy!


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